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Brand Looks To Make A Name For Himself

Only one quarterback was chosen in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft last night, and maybe because the others lacked ideal size or skill set.

NFL guys love those 6-4, 250-pound quarterbacks with cannons for arms, but just because you don’t have those measurables doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

Fran Tarkenton, Drew Brees, Michael Vick and Russell Vick were all undersized signal callers that have had success at the highest level.

Detroit (Mich.) UofD Jesuit 2015 QB Ryan Brand fits in the category of an undersized QB. At 5-10, 180-pounds he doesn’t have prototypical size, but he does possess skill.


[youtube id=”AUfeXBvQ0mw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

“I’m confident that I can play QB at the next level,” Brand stated. “I may lack in stature, but I also have other skills to compliment that.”

“But of course I have to keep an open mind, and work on other positions just incase coaches see my future at a different position.”

Brand is a duel-threat QB and can make plays with his feet. With stars like Cam Newton, Robert Griffin, and Wilson, that seems to be where the future of the quarterback position is headed.

“I like to take bits and pieces of certain quarterbacks, like Peyton Manning’s decision making, or John Elway’s leadership qualities”.

“But right now the QB’s game that I try to match is Russell Wilson’s. He’s a film junkie, leader, and very efficient.”

Wilson is listed at 5-11, 206-pounds, so he’s the perfect example of who Brand should look up to.

Brand’s recruitment has been slow, and maybe because of his size, or that he’s only a sophomore.

“I haven’t had much buzz,” said Brand. “Montana has reached out to me, and Penn State also. That’s about it though so far.”

“I am interested in hearing from Cincinnati, Northwestern and Bowling Green.”

He didn’t throw much at his former school, but will have the opportunity to do so at his new one.

“Transferring to U of D will help me for many reasons. Our team is playing for respect this season, and it should be a good year.”



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