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Can An Athlete Truly Be Under The Radar When…


Can an athlete truly be under the radar with heavy numbers and great film?  If they had an award for this I believe Jaedon Taylor would be that athlete.  This 2015 5’10 194lb athlete from Harlingen South High School (TX), as a freshman on varsity, ran for 46 yds. as a “back” while pulling 309 yds receiving and 1 TD to complete the season. He came back in his sophomore year making a statement with 1551 yds 17 TDs as an APB with 47 receiving yds.


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At first meeting, Jaedon comes across very shy but warms up pretty quick, with personality for days.  His “field” personality is definitely another story.  Explosive and confident.  A true commander of sorts on the field of battle.  I recently got a chance to see him perform at the Texas Prep Stars Top 100 on June 30th, where he came in the top 10 for RBs.  Not bad considering most of his competition were seniors.  When I got the chance to interview him this is what insight he was able to give me:


Q) When did you first know you wanted to play football?

A)  My last year of select youth football. I come from a family of athletes that had the talent but didn’t make it far in sports.  I want to go to college and represent for them.


Q) How has the offseason been for you?

A) It has been the best summer I’ve had so far.  I’ve been putting in extra workouts at the AIC PerformanceCenter and trying to get to camps as much as I can.  Just trying to get my name out there as much as possible.


Q) What is your biggest strength?

A) My work ethic and determination.  I just refuse to be outworked.  I have too much to lose.


Q) What is the toughest part about being an athlete?

A) That there are truly no days off.  Because if you take a day off someone else is right there ready to take your spot!


Q) What is the biggest mistake you see younger athletes making?

A) Not showing up! Not sacrificing and doing the little things it takes to get better.  They may not feel it right away but it always hurts you in the end.


Q) What do you feel you bring to your team?

A) I think I bring leadership, trust, responsibility and being reliable to my team.


Q) Do you have any favorite colleges?

A) Not at all.  I want to keep every option and opportunity open.  Just excited for the future.


Q) What is the one thing that you would like college coaches to know about you?

A) Really I would like them to get to know me as a person first and an athlete second.  I can be a pretty outgoing guy but it doesn’t always come across when they first meet me.


I want to wish Mister Jaedon good luck and can’t wait to see what his Junior season brings.  We will be following him closely.




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