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Arkansas Elite Camp: Top Performers – Henry Black, CB, C/O 2015

The Arkansas Elite Prospect Camp was last Thursday and some of the best underclassman talent within the state of Arkansas, and some even from out of state, were there to showcase their skills. Although receiver Jordan Jones stole the day with an outstanding performance, one player was able to handle Jones. That was Henry Black of Shreveport Woodlawn.

Vitals: 6’0”/ 182lbs/ 4.53 40/ 4.25 Pro Agility/ 32” Vertical

Camp Analysis: Henry Black was the best corner of the day in my mind. It wasn’t just his performance in the 7-0n-7 portion of the camp, but it was his entire body of work that was impressive. He timed well in all of his runs, his height and weight are right where you would like to see a big time college corner to be, and he was a leader during the individual position drill time. Black’s demeanor on the day was very competitive. He was out there to not only impress the Arkansas coaching staff, but to satisfy himself. Obviously though the highlight of the day was during the 7-on-7 period when Black was matched up against now 2016 Arkansas Commit, Jordan Jones. Black and Jones went back and forth. Black would cover Jones some to where it would force an incompletion and there were plays that Jones just powered through to make the reception. Black’s physicality was what shined from all of that. A corner that is willing to make a lot of contact at the line of scrimmage is a good corner to have. Both Jones and Black showed that they were formidable opponents for anyone at that camp. It was enjoyable to see those two battle.

Take Away: Henry Black could and probably should be an SEC level cornerback during his college career. He has the size and the skills to be able to compete at the highest level. Black comes from Shreveport where numerous SEC athletes come out of, and Black could very well be the next one. Black made a good decision of coming to the camp, because Arkansas has taken many athletes out of the Shreveport area in the last 10 years or so. Black will be evaluated more as the summer goes and as long as his season goes as expected, I don’t doubt an SEC offer will come his way.

Black’s Thoughts: Henry Black knows that he has the size to compete with any receiver, and he uses that as an advantage on the field. “I have good size, I can mess the receivers off their routes, and get them off their routes and slow their timing down,” Black said. Black thought that his adversary Jordan Jones was very talented, but wasn’t fazed by his talent either. “He’s [Jones] pretty lengthy and pretty fast, but I think that I’m competitive with him,” Black said.

Moving Forward: Henry Black showed a lot of good things last Thursday at camp and is a very promising prospect. He was one of the older guys at the camp, and his experience showed quite evidently. Black has a bright future and will be able to compete at a very high level in his next stage of his football career. A lot of eyes will be on him this upcoming season.



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