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Arkansas Elite Camp: Top Performers – David Beasley, S, C/O 2016

Photo courtesy of Whole Hog Sports

The Arkansas Elite Prospect Camp was last Thursday and some of the best underclassman talent within the state of Arkansas, and some even from out of state, were there to showcase their skills. Pine Bluff has been a strong producer of talent recently and the next big name out of Pine Bluff will likely be David Beasley.

Vitals: 6’2”/ 185lbs

Camp Analysis: David Beasley was one of the guys that I only got to see in the latter portion of the camp. When I watched him though, he was very impressive. Beasley does not look like he just finished his sophomore year of high school. His size is one of his best qualities. I’ll take a 6’2” safety any day of the week, especially if you pair that with the skills that Beasley has. Beasley reads the quarterback really well for a younger player. On two consecutive plays during the 7-on-7 portion, Beasley made an interception and then the following play broke up a pass that could have been an interception. Not only does Beasley read the quarterback’s eyes well, but he also breaks on the ball so quickly. He is a player that can have a high number of interceptions. Beasley’s hands are always active. He may not get the interception every time, but he is going to disrupt the receiver trying to pull in the ball. I really love Beasley’s physicality. He has a lot of promise with all of those qualities working together in synergy.

Take Away: David Beasley has a lot of time to improve and polish the skills that he has. In a way that is very scary. He could be easily a top player in the state come the time that the 2016 class is in their senior season, maybe even a top player in the country if he keeps improving. Beasley has some many good intangible things going for him right now that he plays much older than he is. In terms of upside, I think Beasley may be in the top 3 of all the guys in the camp last Thursday in terms of upside alone. I think Kasey Ford, and Austin Capps are the other two guys that have extreme upside this early on in their recruitment.

Moving Forward: David Beasley’s recruitment is wide open. No offers, and schools are right now taking notice of the talent that is about to be coming out of Pine Bluff. He right now looks like a guy that, when he graduates could very well be an SEC safety. I like him at the free safety position just because of his ability to play on the ball. Beasley could very well though have the size to play a strong safety position as well. A free safety with strong safety size can become a very special player. That is what I see in Beasley, he could become a very special player in the next few years. Now it’s just the waiting game with him.



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