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Arkansas Elite Camp: Top Performers – Brennen Wooten, QB, C/O 2016

Photo by Deborah Cannon

The Arkansas Elite Prospect Camp was last Thursday and some of the best underclassman talent within the state of Arkansas, and some even from out of state, were there to showcase their skills. The top out-of-state player that day was 2016 quarterback Brennen Wooten from Marble Falls, Texas. Wooten was not only a great performer in the general quarterback play, but he was one of the better overall athletes in the camp.

Vitals: 6’2”/ 180lbs/ 4.75 40

Camp Analysis: Brennen Wooten was not the best quarterback at the camp that day, but he was the most unique of quarterbacks at the camp. Wooten had the best time in the 40  of the quarterbacks I timed with a 4.75 hand-timed. Wooten was in amongst a lot of big arms, with the likes of Arkansas 25 For 2015 quarterback and Arkansas commit Ty Storey, and Arkansas 2016 quarterback Kasey Ford of Bentonville. Wooten exhibited great zip and accuracy on his throws and was crisp on rollouts and had great footwork. Wooten is definitely not a guy that will throw 50 yard bombs, but he can put the ball in a spot where the defender is not going to reach. I would love to see Wooten in a live scrimmage situation with defensive lineman applying pressure. I think there would be a better appreciation for Wooten’s ability right now as an athlete as much as there was an appreciation for his QB play on Thursday.

Take Away: Brennen Wooten could be one of the top quarterbacks in the entire country when his 2016 class is at the forefront of the recruiting world. He again, may not have the long ball, but with today’s spread-heavy culture, Wooten should fit right in the fold of college football. Wooten’s weight may be an issue, but not anything that won’t be remedied once he steps foot on a college campus and starts their weight program. The upside for Wooten here is very high. Wooten had an interesting spring, with his school not having spring practice with his head coach and majority of the staff leaving. Wooten did not look rusty though with having a longer layoff than most players have had.

Wooten’s Take: Wooten seemed to be pleased with his performance on Thursday, but felt that there is work that he can do to become better. “I thought I did pretty well, we’ll see what Coach [Chaney] thought, but I learned some new stuff and it was a good experience,” Wooten said. Wooten knows his strengths but mentioned that he needs to improve on being able to read defenses and his general “football IQ.” “I want to continue to just learn the game better you know, learn all the defenses. I want to go back to last season, look at all the coverages that were presented to me, and find keys, and learn how to hit those keys,” Wooten said.

Moving Forward: Brennen Wooten already has five offers from several major schools. The likes of Clemson, Kentucky and TCU are some of the names that have expressed their early interest in the mobile quarterback. Schools that are recruiting Wooten significantly include Arkansas, Baylor and Michigan. Wooten had 33 total touchdowns last season, and Wooten now looks to improve on those numbers. Wooten also threw over 3000 yards last season.



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