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Arkansas Elite Camp: Top Performers – Kasey Ford, QB, C/O 2016

Photo by Ben Goff

The Arkansas Elite Prospect Camp was last Thursday and some of the best underclassman talent within the state of Arkansas, and some even from out of state, were there to showcase their skills. Some of the biggest wow moments came from the very large local quarterback from Bentonville, Kasey Ford. Ford hasn’t arrived, but there is a lot to be hopeful for in this 2016 prospect.

Vitals: 6’5”/ 257lbs/ 5.25 40

Camp Analysis: I really enjoy watching Kasey Ford. Watching a lot of former Arkansas Razorback and now New England Patriot Ryan Mallett’s career in college, I’ve seen what elite 6’4” plus framed college quarterbacks look like and I am starting to see that with Ford. Ford is a two-sport star at Bentonville, playing football and baseball. Ford is an elite high school pitcher, and an elite high school quarterback. For his size, Ford has great footwork; very comfortable and smooth movement in the pocket. Ford has great arm strength which one would almost assume from a larger quarterback like Ford. Ford needs to be an under center guy in my eyes moving forward to the next level. He currently plays in a pistol formation mainly at Bentonville, but I would like to see Ford take some snaps under center, and I would not be surprised if that worked out better from that scheme. Ford strikes me as the potential to be a great pro-style under center quarterback in college. The only thing that bothers me about Ford is his release from what I have seen is a little on the long side. Quarterbacks with quick release have been a hot commodity with all the hurry up, fast paced spread offenses, and although I don’t think he should play in that kind of a system, it can’t hurt for that release to get a little quicker.

Take Away: Kasey Ford has the makings of a great collegiate quarterback. He honestly had more “wow factor” than anyone else I saw on Thursday. Even more than his 2016 classmate Jordan Jones, who I said was the best performer of the entire camp. With Ford though, it is easy to see three years down the road that he could be doing something at a major school somewhere in the country. Ford will have to decide here in the next year or so, whether or not he’s going to stick with baseball or football. Yes he is a great quarterback, but he is already hitting low to mid 90’s on his fastball as a pitcher, so there is a chance that Ford could be drafted and he want to go that route. This season though, it is just about his junior seasons that Ford has in front of him and not much else. Would be surprised if he ended his recruitment early.

Moving Forward: Kasey Ford will have some big decisions coming up, but again, I think he’ll be picking a sport to stick with before he picks a school to attend for either sport. Ford has an offer to play football at Louisville. Coach Bobby Petrino is obviously going to try and get some kids out of his former stomping grounds in Northwest Arkansas. Ford also has an offer to play baseball at traditional power Wichita State. It is going to be fun to watch Ford this next season before all of these big questions really rear their heads.



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