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Aggies Interested in Nashville Lineman

This week coaches from Texas A&M University made their way to Nashville, TN to check out one of the best high school football programs in the south and while there they found a two way lineman that peeked their interest in a major way.

Ensworth School 2014 OL/DL Xavier Forrest is an athletic and versatile prospect that has been laying under the radar thus far but with a new found interest from the Aggies he could very well see his recruitment start going in a positive direction.

Forrest starts on both sides of the ball for his Ensworth team. His versatility to play multiple positions along the line of scrimmage gives him a chance to play on the Division 1 level and A&M could be the 1st school to see those talents completely for what they are.

“Coaches from A&M came here this week to see what kind of players we had and they immediately became interested in me and wanted to know more about me,” said Forrest. “They said they have viewed my film and liked a lot of what they saw. They also said they were surprised by my size when they saw me in person. They seemed to like me so much that they said that they will be back next week to see me again.”

Several players on the Ensworth School football team has collected multiple offers but Forrest is still waiting on his 1st to arrive.

He has remained patient while he see’s his teammates get more recognition but his work ethic has never lacked and he continues to strive forward waiting for his talents to finally go noticed.

“This whole process for me has been a roller coaster,” Forrest said. “I have been receiving letters, phone calls, messages and visits from coaches for a while now but I am still waiting on my first offer to come my way.”

“I am ok with how things have gone for me so far because I know it is a long journey and if I remain patient my time will eventually come. I am a very hard worker. I believe that if you do not work for the things you want most in life then they will not happen. I know if I keep the right mind and focus my dreams of playing college football will come true.”

Forrest plays with a smart mind set and understands what he is doing on a football field. He is a physical guy that does well at getting his hands quickly into a opponent and pushing them backwards opening holes for his running backs.

He could also offer his abilities on the defensive line where he could be a quick penetrating pass rusher from the defensive tackle position. Forrest could excel on either side of the ball in college but many college coaches are mainly looking to plug him in somewhere along their offensive line.

“I can play on either side of the line but I am mainly being recruited to play on offense,” said Forrest. “I am perfectly fine with playing on offense and  I believe I would be a great guard or center on someone’s line.”

“A&M is recruiting me to play on their offensive line and I believe specifically at the center position. That would be great to play center for the Aggies. They have a great history of lineman and their offense I think fits the way I block.”

Besides the Aggies several other college programs are interested in Forrest and want him to come out to their camps this summer. They want the chance to have Forrest on campus and have him compete on their field while performing their own specific drills.

“I have heard the most interest from Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Mississippi St, Georgia Tech, MTSU, Arkansas St and Navy but now A&M has thrown their hat in the picture,” says Forrest. “All these schools want me to attend their camps this summer so they can see me compete in person.”

“I do plan to hit the road this summer and attend as many camps as I can. I don’t have any favorites at this time but there is a few schools I am looking at more than others. I am still interested in anyone that wants to get in contact with me and nowhere close to making any decision.”

Xavier Forrest is a great value to any college football team both on and off the field. His stock may be low right now but given more time to be recruited and the chance to prove his talents in camps, Forrest is sure to see his dreams turn into reality.


Written by: Chris Smith/ Writer/Publisher




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