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Adam Mclean “The Future”


Quince Orchard High School, MD
2015  6-2  260  DE/DT
64 tackles, 26 tackles for loss, 11 sacks,4 forced fumbles,4 td’s from tb/fb position
The winds of change for 2015 Adam Mclean came in like a mighty gust from a hurricane. Coming off of a championship season, the time for a new beginning is right now. There are a myriad of reasons why he searched his soul and made a change.
Q. You changed schools this offseason. Where were you and why the move?
A: I was at Avalon. I needed to change. I just felt Quince Orchard is a better situation to be in. Athletics played a small roll, but the academic and social aspects  played larger rolls in my choice to leave Avalon.
Q. So how has the change gone so far?
A: It’s been a successful change. The players and coaches have really helped me out adjusting.
Q. You were on the outside looking in last season with no offers. You currently have 2 offers, who are they from?
A: Florida State and Nebraska
Q. What schools have been coming after you the hard besides your offering schools?
A: Maryland, Michigan and Rutgers
Q. What are the TOP 5 schools you would like to hear more from?
A: Florida, Clemson, Ohio State, South Carolina and Notre Dame
Q. What awards have you won this camp season?
A: At the Next Level Nation showcase in Maryland I received best   overall  DL TOP DOG award. To go along  with  3rd best overall performance.  There were SEC commits and recruits in the building.
Q. For those OLINE guys who want to go up against you, where will you be performing next?
A: April 13th at the Rivals TOP 100 Camp.
Q. What college camps would you like to attend this spring?
A: ND, MD, Rutgers, FSU, Pitt, VT  and  Clemson
The Verdict:
Good knowledge of when and when not to use certain moves.
Good counter moves from wide 9 position and attached 9.
Need to read play quicker to become elite.
I see you as a DT in a 4-3 defense and strong side END in a 3-4 defense in college
Seeing  both you and Eddie Goldman (FSU) at the same stage of their  careers. I say Adam is a little further along than Goldman was.
The future is bright for Adam Mclean, as he now becomes a household name  around the nation.



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