Varsity Preps

6-6 2015 California OT Eyes Alabama Visit, Huddle Up!


Name: Nick Capella
HT: 6-6
WT: 265
Position: OT
Grade: 2015
AGE: 16
School: St. Bonaventure HS, CA
GPA: 3.8


Nick’s 2012 Highlights


Coach Warren: Facilities, Uniforms, Tradition, Coaching Staff, Education? Which factor or combination of factors will be most important in your school choice?
NC: Education & Coaching Staff.

Coach Warren: Is playing closer to home a big deal?
NC: No it’s not! My parents are ready to move to see me play.

Coach Warren: Is early playing time important?
NC: Not really. I’m willing to wait and red shirt to get bigger.

Coach Warren: What was your favorite college team growing up?
NC: Stanford.

Coach Warren: Why visit Alabama? (Oct. 19 vs Arkansas)
NC: I hope I can play for the #1 team in America. It’s real football.

Coach Warren: Do you plan on Camping at Alabama this Summer?
NC:  I’m willing to.

Coach Warren: Do you want to play college football with current Alabama Commit Ricky Town?
NC: Yes Sir.

Coach Warren: What teams are showing you interest?
NC: Cal, Vanderbilt, BYU and Alabama.

Coach Warren: Time frame on a college choice?
NC: By the end of my junior year.

Coach Warren: What schools are you interested in?
NC: Alabama, Stanford, Cal and anybody else who offers me.

Coach Warren: What’s your favorite college football conference and why?
NC: SEC, because that’s where all the best games and teams are at.

Coach Warren: Who will win the BCS National Championship this season and why?
NC: Alabama Roll Tide. Because you can’t stop the Tide, they are too good right now.

Coach Demetric D. Warren
[email protected]





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