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4 Star TE C.J. Conrad Has UK on Top

While Kentucky’s 2014 unbelievable Recruiting Class has come to a close, Mark Stoops and staff have hit the ground running on the 2015 class with their minds set on finishing in the Top 10 next year. Names such as Damien Harris, a 5 Star RB out of Kentucky, and Cece Jefferson, a 5 Star DE out of Florida, have already shown interest in Kentucky, and that’s just a start. Various 4 and 5 star prospects will be keeping a close watch on the Wildcats this upcoming season, and with half a lick of success, UK could pull in several. One of these recruits is C.J. Conrad, a 4 Star TE out of Ohio. Conrad is listed by as the 174th best TE in the class, and the 6th best TE overall. While it was widely known he had interest in the Cats, his level of interest was still undetermined. This was until he took a visit to Kentucky this past weekend, and everyone now knows he has glowing views of the Wildcats. I caught up with C.J. after his visit to go in-depth about his interest in the Cats, ranking, and when a decision might come to announce his college choice. 

RK: Good visit for Junior Day I hear. Impressed with UK?

CC: Very! I love it there!

RK: What were you most impressed with?

CC: I was most impressed with how interested they are in me.

RK: Who’s your favorite coach down there you talked to?

CC: Coach Marrow, definitely.

RK: What did he say about your game they loved?

CC: He loved how athletic I was, and how well I catch the ball.

RK: Would you put UK at the top of your list at this point?

CC: Yes.

RK: Who else are you interested in?

CC: Indiana, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Michigan

RK: You had a huge Sophomore and Junior year and it’s starting to pay off for you with all of the interest and high rankings you’ve received. Rivals has you as a 4 Star, #174 overall, I believe. That has to be pretty special to you, right?

CC: Yeah, it’s really an honor. I didn’t see this all coming. But I love it, and I’m going to keep working hard!

RK: You told me before that you were planning on making a decision before your Senior year. Are you moving closer to a decision?

CC: I think I am moving a little closer since this Kentucky visit. But that’s not 100% yet. I have to sit and think about it, and talk it over with my family.

RK: So it might be coming up soon?

CC: To be honest with you, I have no idea. I wasn’t thinking about it, but this visit has me thinking. However, I still think it may be awhile. That could change, but I will let you know. As of right now, I still want to take other visits.

RK: Do you plan on visiting those schools you told me before, or do you have some others in mind?

CC: Nope. The ones I told you I will be visiting soon.

RK: If there’s one NFL player you model your game after, who would that be?

CC: Rob Gronkowski

RK: I definitely understand that! That’s a great player to model your game after.

CC: Haha exactly!!

RK: Most recruits have that “dream school” they’ve watched their entire lives. Who was your favorite college team growing up?

CC: Ohio State

RK: If they offered, do you think they would be #1 on your list?

CC: Ehhh, maybe. It depends if I feel like they are really interested in me. 

RK: I understand that. Do you have a couple recruits in mind that you’ve considered playing in college together with?

CC: Not really, no.

RK: A lot of the Ohio kids have been thinking about teaming up kind of like they did at UK this year. Does something like that interest you? Building up a program with your state kids?

CC: Of course, yeah!

RK: Who was the toughest Ohio player to go up against last year?

CC: I went up against Darien Watkins (4 Star Athlete, Wisconsin signee) this year.

RK: He had a UK offer, I believe. How’d you match up to him?

CK: I believe I had 7 catches, 60 yards, and 1 TD.

RK: That’s a big game. What’s the best game you’ve ever had?

CC: My biggest game was against Wellington. I had 12 catches, 212 yards, and 3 TDs.

RK: Impressive! Alright man, well let me know when you set up more visits and when a decision might be coming up! It was great talking to you again!

CC: Same here! Will do!

C.J Conrad is one of UK’s top targets in the 2015 class, and by the looks of things, they are in great position to land the talented 4 Star prospect. UK’s 2015 class is looking to surpass the remarkable 2014 class, and while this feat may be challenging, the odds are in UK’s favor. Follow along here at Varsity Preps.



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