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4 Star OL Nick Richardson Commits to Kentucky

It looks like Mark Stoops and his staff have done it again, grabbing another commitment for the 2014 Recruiting Class in 4 Star Offensive Lineman Nick Richardson. Richardson chose the Wildcats over Vanderbilt and Ole Miss, among 12 total BCS offers. Stoops believes he just struck gold on this pickup, as he and the rest of his staff believe Richardson is one of the most underrated prospects in the 2014 class. With a huge 6-5, 285 lbs frame, Richardson comes into the program with an SEC ready body, in addition to filling a roster need on the Offensive Line.

By looking at his tape, it is easy to understand why Richardson is a 4 Star recruit, with his tremendous speed and athleticism, along with great blocking ability to create necessary holes for his teammates. What makes Richardson’s commitment so important for the Wildcats is that he has a “Team-First” mentality, and does whatever it takes to win ball games.

Something most may not know about Richardson is that he is a “nutrition-freak” and does what is best for his body no matter the circumstance. High Performance Coordinator Erik Korem has brought a new program in that same department of health and fitness to the University of Kentucky. This program is “one-of-a-kind“, and has many recruits like Richardson drooling over what is to come with Kentucky Football. Korem’s job is to take on 100% responsibility of players’ strength and conditioning programs and etiquette, their mental state, their practice intensity, sleeping patterns, food intake, and anything else that may be of need to get anything and everything out of the bodies of UK athletes. He uses this information to push players to the best of their ability, and has the ability to know if they are due to heart monitoring systems, along with other machines hooked up to the athletes during every practice. Korem even has NFL teams wanting to come in and take a look at the breakthrough of UK’s new technology in hopes of duplicating the same for their respective teams. This new technology was a big interest of Richardson when visiting UK, knowing how powerful this could be to his development at the university, and was a big part in his final decision to suit up for the Blue and White in 2014.

Not only does Richardson’s commitment mean a lot to the team as a whole, but to the staff as well. With Richardson being from Ohio, this further confirms Stoops and staff’s success in recruiting in the Buckeye state, as they have managed to snag most of the top players in the state of Ohio one by one. Tight End’s Coach Vince Marrow is one of the key factors to UK’s success in Ohio, as he is well known for developing key relationships with the recruits and their families. Marrow has been key for almost every single commitment in the state of Ohio, and nothing has changed with Nick Richardson’s commitment, as Marrow was Richardson’s lead recruiter.

Yesterday was supposed to be another big “Yahtzee” day, as Brady Taylor, a 3 Star OL out of Ohio was expected to pledge his commitment to UK, but instead opted for Virginia Tech. This left most UK fans with a “stinger”, as most believed he was UK bound. After knowing how important he was to UK’s Recruiting Class, Richardson’s commitment eases up on the sting of losing Taylor, if not overcompensates for the loss, as Richardson is a huge pickup for Mark Stoops and his staff.

Nick Richardson will be coming in ready to work, and will likely make an early contribution on the field for the Kentucky Wildcats. You may hear this often, but Kentucky got another good one in Richardson.

While Richardson’s commitment is huge for Kentucky, many have to wonder who is next in line to pledge their commitment to the Wildcats? That answer may be coming in faster than you expect, as Kentucky has several high profile recruits possibly ready to jump the gun on a commitment to UK. Richardson’s commitment pushed UK into the Top 3 of the Recruiting Ranks by, and any other commitments may push that further.

As Mark Stoops keeps his dice rolling playing his favorite board game, “Yahtzee“,  follow along here at Varsity Preps to find out who else he is getting to play with him!



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