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2017 RB Lands First Offer

Waiting for that first offer can seem like it takes an eternity for a young athlete.  No matter if its your junior or senior season, the first offer you get is always a special one because it lets you know that all the hard work you have been putting in is starting to pay off.  If that first offer comes from an SEC school, that goes to show you that you are in the elite of the elite.


When your in the class of 2017 and you receive your first offer, it really starts to hit home with you.  Mississippi State continued its assault on the class of 2016 and 2017 recently by offering Texas phenom linebacker Anthony Hines.  The talented 6 foot 1  190 pound athlete came to camp and was able to prove that he belonged in college football’s elite conference.

So what did Hines think of his trip to Mississippi State?  Leaving with an offer made it well worth his time and energy.  Hines breaks down each area of his trip with CBC.


“It was very exciting to get in front of the coaches.  They are an easy group to get along with and I had a great time.  Coach Collins is really so cool to work with.  Even if you mess up in a drill, he does not let you get down on yourself.  He continues to coach you and push you to be the best.”



“The new football building is beautiful.  It is by far the best football facility that I have seen at any school.”



“I was amazed and excited by the offer.  It was so special for me to be offered by Mississippi State at such an early age.  I know that if Robert (Washington), Eli (Johnson), Aapri (Washington), and all of Team USA friends go to Mississippi State together, we will be able to win a championship at Mississippi State.”



“I am going to wait a little bit because I am young.  But we plan on coming back to Mississippi State a lot for games and camps.”


Sidenotes: Hines was named as one of the top Underclassmen performers at the VTO Prep 100 Dallas




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