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2016 QB (LA) Brings Talent And Leadership To The Field

Being a leader can happen two ways; you can grow into the position or you can be born for it.

2016 pro-style QB, Garren Mitchell has all the qualities of a natural born leader. Mitchell stands at 6’0, weighs in at 170 lbs. and has a 4.78 40-yard-dash time.

“The recruiting process is just starting for me,” he said. “It’s kind of nerve racking but exciting at the same time.”

Mitchell spent this summer at some of the top camps in the country including Tulane, Houston, Dartmouth, Princeton, Harvard and Yale. He also spent time at Stanford which he then named his favorite with Dartmouth as a close second.

“I was extremely impressed with Dartmouth,” he said.

With a few years left in his high school career at St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, LA,  Mitchell knows he needs to work hard to get to the top.

“Basically I just want to get stronger and improve,” he said. “I have a long time still until I go to college so I just want to get better as much as I can and learn from everyone at St. Augustine,”

“We have so much talent so it’s a great opportunity for me to learn.”

For the recruiting process, Mitchell says academics are number one.

“After academics, I want to go somewhere I fit in with the coaching staff and the team,” he said. “Somewhere where it feels right.”

Mitchell scored a 25 on his ACT in the 7th grade. He is just starting to study for his SAT subject test and is planning on taking the ACT again in the spring.

With a bright future in football and school, Mitchell is looking to be a pre-med major. He is hoping to specialize in neurosurgery.

“Obviously I want to make it to the NFL but I want to make sure that if I don’t make it to the NFL, I’m prepared for life after football,” he said.

Mitchell is looking to graduate early and jump right into the season for whichever school he chooses.

“I’m just realizing how fast I’m growing up.”



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