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2016 QB Has An Early Leader

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It has become obvious, that if you are waiting until the year a player is a senior to get on his radar, then you could be behind the 8 ball.  More and more these days, teams are identifying players early in their high school careers and making sure that they have the best chance to land them.  More and more lately, if your a freshman or sophomore that can play, you have an offer.

One of the top young players in the country is Walton High School (Marietta, GA) 2016 quarterback Josh White.  The talented 6 foot 5  218 pound White has already proven to the Mississippi State Bulldogs that he has what it takes to be an SEC quarterback, and snagged an offer from the Bulldogs.  With a few years to decide and a ton of games to play, White has a plan for his future.


White is big framed, strong armed quarterback that can make all the throws.  He is smart enough to know that their are a few areas he can improve as he gets older.

“I would say that I am a pro-style quarterback,” said White.  “I would consider myself a distributor of the football.  i like to get the ball into the top athletes on my teams hands and let them make plays.

“I really want to work on my footwork.   want to be more mobile in the pocket.  I have a very strong arm and can throw the ball very well, I am just working on being more mobile.

“One of the strengths of my game is my leadership qualities.  As a quarterback, you have to be over the whole offense.  You have to be a leader and a role model.  Its my desire to set the example for the rest of the team.”


White understands that football is not always promised.  He looks at recruiting as a way to prepare for his future and the rest of his life going forward.

“Education wise, I have been thinking about doing something in the medical field or in business,” he said.   “I am still keeping my options open but those things interest me right now.

“Football wise, I want to find an area that I can see myself living the next four to five years.  I want to be able live in that area and enjoy it.  Academics are always going to be huge to me because football can end any day.  I also want to have a good relationship with a coach.”



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