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2015 Standout Brings Championship Attitude To The Game

Arkansas has brought the great sport of football some powerhouse players. But a 2015 standout will charge into next season and show what the state is made of.

Charleston QB, Ty Storey, is the next powerhouse. Averaging 366 passing yards per game, standing at 6’3 and weighing in at 220 lbs. he’s already getting a lot of attention.

“Georgia came to visit me and watch me throw,” said Storey.

Along with Georgia, he’s getting calls from Alabama, Ole Miss, University of Arkansas and Arkansas State.

“I’ve visited Arkansas a few times. It was nice and the coaching staff was really nice too.”

This summer will prove to be busy but productive for Storey as he attends camps at Alabama, Georgia, University of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Auburn.

Although he says he doesn’t have any favorites right now he’s going to “wait for some offers and then go for some visits,”

“Right now I’m pretty open,” he said.

Growing up in a football house taught him a lot about the sport. His dad was a coach in the early stages of his career but has gotten out of the game. As Storey puts it, “he didn’t want to coach me so he got out when he could.”

“I’ve always thrown the ball,” he said. “Football is my favorite just because I’ve been around it my whole life.”

Storey still has time to build his skills but said he hopes to take his team to the state championships next season.

“Hopefully I’ll lead the team and win.”

Winning isn’t his only objective though. Through the recruiting process, he said it’s really important to see what the coaching staff is like since he’ll be working closely with them as a QB.

“I call the plays so I want to see what kind of offense they run and see what kind of guys they are,” said Storey.

He is the winner of the CBS Sports and MaxPreps sophomore All American award for 2012. Storey also picked up Charleston Football Program MVP and the Fort Smith Radio-TV Group offensive player of the year.



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