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2015 Football Recruiting Profiles: QB Brett Kean

It is that time of year again! Another year, another football season, as every high school athlete in the country is hoping to be able to have what it takes to play at the next level some day. Class of 2015 recruits are just now starting to pick up interest from schools across the country, as Junior year is the most important year for solidifying scholarship offers to attend Division-1 universities. Game film, dominating games consistently throughout the season, and creating the best contacts with collegiate coaching staffs are the best chances of finally making that dream of having school paid for and making a name for yourself on the college level come true. Hard work and dedication are a given, but to make it to the next level of playing in college, you’ve got to give up every ounce of heart before you can even think about coming home to a scholarship offer from your favorite school sitting on the kitchen table. I have caught up with several of those athletes from the 2015 recruiting class, all hoping to not only make it at the next level, but dominate the game like high school prospects before them. Here are their recruiting updates, including where they are in the recruiting process, schools interested, and what they are doing to separate themselves from the rest of the country’s top football prospects.

The first athlete I caught up with was Pocket Passing QB Brett Kean out of Lakewood, Ohio, playing for Saint Edward High School. Despite this being his first year as a Starter as Varsity QB, Kean is already showing off what it takes to be successful at the College level. In his first two games, Brett threw for 151 Yards and 2 Touchdowns, along with rushing for 57 yards and a Touchdown, and in his second game, threw for 191 yards and 3 Touchdowns, despite only playing for less than a half. As you can see, Kean has the tools to be successful, and he is only 2 games into his starting career. Here is the interview I had with the Ohio QB:

RK: What’s up man? This is Jack with Recruit Kentucky. How are you doing?

Kean: I’m good, how’s everything?

RK: Pretty good. What’s your recruitment looking like so far?

Kean: Well since this is my first year starting, and since I just moved schools, nothing has really started. A couple schools have told me that I need some film and they will look closer. They like what they see, but hopefully after two good games, recruiting starts to pick up some.

RK: How’d your first two games go?

Kean: They went great. My first game I went 8-15, 151 yds, and 2 Touchdowns, along with 3 carries for 57 yds and a Touchdown against Glenville. My second game was against a team we outplayed, and I only played less than a half. I finished 9-11, 191 yds, and 3 Touchdowns against Akron Buchtel.

RK: Yeah, film is huge for interest. Have you been getting film for the last 2 games?

Kean: Yeah I’ve been getting film together and hope to send out a first 3 game highlight film.

RK: Who do you plan on sending your film to?

Kean: Well I was at Louisville’s camp and the coaches told me that they wanted my film. I am also gonna send it to Miami and Pitt. I will probably also give it to my coach to send out.

RK: How’d the Louisville camp go?

Kean: It was the best camp I have been to. It was an invite-only camp for QBs. It was 3 days of intense on and off field training, definitely my favorite camp I have been to.

RK: Good to hear. Have you been hearing from UK at all? Or interested?

Kean: I haven’t been hearing from them but the environment is awesome there. I am definitely interested in them. They have sent some big guys to the NFL and is a SEC school, that would be awesome.

RK: Do you have any sort of list so far?

Kean: Right now, it is the first team to show that they believe in me. I do not really have a list. Hopefully I am fortunate enough to be able to form one but right now I have no list.

RK: For sure man. What do you hope for in your growth this season as a QB?

Kean: I hope to see my QB skills continue to grow and develop, but more importantly, I want to continue to work on being more of a vocal leader. I am good with leading by example, but I want to grow as a vocal leader. I think that is very important, and I am already getting better at it.

RK: Do you have any team goals this year?

Kean: Take one game at a time and control what we can. If we don’t beat ourselves up, we have the discipline, coaching and players to make it to states no doubt. I think making it to states is an expectation from our team this year. We have put so much work in, and we are not stopping till we get to Canton for states.

RK: A lot of work will get you there man. Keep at it. Who is your dream school?

Kean: My dream schools are Stanford and Georgia. Both have produced great QBs. You can’t get an education like at Stanford anywhere else. I love Georgia because of Aaron Murray and Matt Stafford. Also, the University of Miami because my mom went there and I have been a fan my whole life. I grew up watching them play. When they were in their prime, it was the best football you could watch.

RK: Oh yeah, for sure. When are you hoping for your first offer?

Kean: I am hoping for an offer as soon as possible but hopefully by the middle of the year. I just hope I am fortunate to get one. But yes, I would say sooner the better so I could start the process.

RK: Do you plan on committing to the first school that offers?

Kean: I do not know yet, it depends on the school. I would need to talk to my family first, but it really does depend on the school and situation.

RK: Do you have any aspiration of playing with any particular player in college?

Kean: Not really. I know a lot of people at a variety of schools from moving from my old school to my new one. My new teammate Shaun Crawford and I have talked about going to school together. Hopefully I am fortunate enough to receive a offer from Michigan, but i don’t have a preference on where I go based on players.

RK: I got you. How do you feel about star ranking and the rating system?

Kean: I think they show to a certain extent how good a player you are. I also think that there are a lot of people overlooked with low ratings that are very good players but I think to an extent they are accurate.

RK: What about for you though? This is the year most people finally get a star ranking associated with yourself, so what does that mean to you? Some recruits couldn’t care less about what national media rank them and just look at low rankings as motivation. Some people care about rankings over everything.

Kean: I am a mix, I would say. I think a good ranking would show that people can see what I am doing, and also a low ranking would motivate me. However, a high ranking would make me play harder to show people that’s what I should be ranked.

RK: Where do you think you’ll be ranked?

Kean: I don’t know right now. This is my first year starting, so I do not know where I will be ranked.

RK: I’m pretty sure your ranking will be about a 3 star if I had to guess. Is that something you’d be comfortable with?

Kean: Yeah, that’s a good start, but that drives me to want to be better and raise my stars. I will continue to work hard to get better and get more schools to realize my talent and get more stars/recognition.

RK: Good man. That’s the mentality to have. When do you plan on making a decision realistically?

Kean: It all depends on what offers I have and when I get them. I would like to by the end of the season, but that depends on when I get offered. That way I can take officials and see the schools in person.

RK: Yeah, some kids are early and want to just get the process over with and commit right before their senior season, and some want to commit on Signing Day. It’s just a preference some people have.

Kean: Yeah, I mean I would like to do it before senior season.

RK: Good. What will you be looking for in the school when it comes time for a decision?

Kean: Good education and a good coaching staff and environment. Also, a place where I think I can be successful, and some place that I can further develop myself as a player and person. Also, I’d like to add that I believe David Dowell, Andrew Dowell, Troy Henderson, and Alex Stump are all under the radar prospects in the 2015 class that should definitely be more heavily recruited. They are major D1 players, also.

RK: Good to hear. Hopefully they can get recruited more heavily soon, also. It was good talking with you man. Keep in touch with me about your season and your recruitment.

Kean: I just hope that first offer is coming soon but I’ll keep in touch with you and let you know. Thanks man!

As you can see, Brett is ready to go this year, and before long, colleges across the country will be calling his name. Keep up with Brett’s recruitment, along with several other top 2015 prospects in the country, only here at Varsity Preps!



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