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2015 Football Recruiting Profiles: 4 Star TE Jackson Harris

It is that time of year again! Another year, another football season, as every high school athlete in the country is hoping to be able to have what it takes to play at the next level some day. Class of 2015 recruits are just now starting to pick up interest from schools across the country, as Junior year is the most important year for solidifying scholarship offers to attend Division-1 universities. Game film, dominating games consistently throughout the season, and creating the best contacts with collegiate coaching staffs are the best chances of finally making that dream of having school paid for and making a name for yourself on the college level come true. Hard work and dedication are a given, but to make it to the next level of playing in college, you’ve got to give up every ounce of heart before you can even think about coming home to a scholarship offer from your favorite school sitting on the kitchen table. I have caught up with several of those athletes from the 2015 recruiting class, all hoping to not only make it at the next level, but dominate the game like high school prospects before them. Here are their recruiting updates, including where they are in the recruiting process, schools interested, and what they are doing to separate themselves from the rest of the country’s top football prospects.

The 2nd recruit I was able to catch up with was talented 4 Star Tight End Jackson Harris out of Columbia, TN. This kid is hitting the ground running this season, already grabbing huge touchdowns on the offensive side of the ball, and big time sacks on the defensive side of the ball. Most schools are recruiting him as a Tight End, but his versatility allows him to play anything he wants. With great speed, athleticism, and strength, Harris brings to the table just about everything top colleges dream about having on their football team, hence why he is already up to 6 offers, despite being only weeks into his Junior year. At 6’5, 240 pounds, this kid is ready to bring his “A” game at the college level. This is what Jackson had to say about his recruitment, skill-set, and why he’s one of the top Tight Ends in the game right now. Meet Jackson Harris:

RK: What’s up man? This is Jack with Recruit Kentucky. How are you doing?

JH:Pretty good man.


RK:What’s your recruitment looking like so far?

JH:Pretty good, 6 offers so far. And it’s been pretty crazy since September 1st.

RK: Yeah man, I bet. That’s when it all gets started! And those 6 offers are huge! What do you like about each of those schools?

JH:They each have their advantages. What I love about Kentucky is that I love Lexington and the feel of their campus. It reminds me a lot of Columbia, Tennessee. I love Florida State because it is a top notch football program and tradition. Georgia Tech has a great engineering program, which is what I plan on majoring in. Vandy has great academics and football program. I love the coaching staff. Both of my parents went to Memphis, so I’ve kept up with them over the years. I’ve heard so many great things about Clemson and from watching a few of their games. I can’t wait to get up there.

RK: Yeah, I got you man. Are those your top 6 you think?

JH: Yeah just because they are the only ones that offered. I have a few others schools that are very serious, also.

RK: Who do you think will be your next offer?

JH: It should be either Purdue, Duke, or Ohio State, I believe.

RK: What separates you as a player? What do you bring to the table that no one else in the country does?

JH: Versatility, I feel like Im a dominant blocker while I can also run great routes and make plays.

RK: For sure man. You’re a 4 star according to pretty much every recruiting service. Do you think that’s about right where you should be ranked?

JH: Yeah, I’m not a cocky person or anything, but I do. Haha I feel like I’ve been under the radar a little, and I’m just now really starting to get noticed.

RK: Haha, well you are for sure now. Big offers are coming! Who is your dream school?

JH: Nowhere in particular, I’m open to wherever. Just which school seems like the best for for me.

RK: Ha there has to be that school growing up that you always watched on Saturday!

JH: Well I did grow up a Gator fan. But I’m not set on them if they offer or anything.

RK: Oh, I got you man. So on 247’s Crystal Ball they have you as 100% to Vandy. Why is that?

JH: I’m not sure, I guess because they’re close to home and they were my first offer. It’s a great school and all, but I’m not leaning towards anybody right now.

RK: Yeah, that’s what I figured.  When do you think you’ll be making a decision?

JH: I would like to be committed sometime before my senior season, but I don’t really have a set time yet. I’m not in a rush, but will commit whenever I’m positive about where I want to go.

RK: I got you man. What kind of announcement do you think you’ll have? Some people have press conferences, some have hats on the table, some announce on twitter. How do you think you’ll have your big day?

JH: I really haven’t thought that far, but I’ve always been a big fan of choosing one of the hats. I just always thought that was really cool. I’d like to do something nice like that.

RK: What are your goals for this year, stat wise?

JH: I’m just kinda saying stuff of the top of my head, but I’ll say 8 Touchdowns, 700 yards, with a ton of receptions, along with 12 sacks.

RK: Good man. What were your stats for your first 2 games?

JH: We’ve played 3 games so far, but 2 Touchdowns and 4 sacks. I’m not sure about how many yards.

RK: That’s impressive man. But thanks again for the interview. I look forward to talking to you in the future.

JH: No problem man, keep in touch.

As you can see, Jackson Harris is a big time prospect, and whatever school he decides to attend sure is landing a great one. Keep up with Jackson’s recruitment, along with several of the top prospects across the country, only here at Varsity Preps.



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