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2015 Football Recruiting Profiles: 4 Star CB Ronnie Harrison Jr.

It is that time of year again! Another year, another football season, as every high school athlete in the country is hoping to be able to have what it takes to play at the next level some day. Class of 2015 recruits are just now starting to pick up interest from schools across the country, as Junior year is the most important year for solidifying scholarship offers to attend Division-1 universities. Game film, dominating games consistently throughout the season, and creating the best contacts with collegiate coaching staffs are the best chances of finally making that dream of having school paid for and making a name for yourself on the college level come true. Hard work and dedication are a given, but to make it to the next level of playing in college, you’ve got to give up every ounce of heart before you can even think about coming home to a scholarship offer from your favorite school sitting on the kitchen table. I have caught up with several of those athletes from the 2015 recruiting class, all hoping to not only make it at the next level, but dominate the game like high school prospects before them. Here are their recruiting updates, including where they are in the recruiting process, schools interested, and what they are doing to separate themselves from the rest of the country’s top football prospects.

The 3rd recruit I was able to catch up with was UNC Football commit Ronnie Harrison Jr. out of Tallahassee, Florida. Ronnie is a talented prospect, and takes “doing it all” to a whole new level. This kid is productive, racking up stats as both QB and CB for his High School, which easily explains his big time 4 Star ranking. Despite being committed to North Carolina, interest is racking up from across the country for the highly touted prospect, and he is listening. At 6’2, 200 pounds, Ronnie has the size and frame to make a name for himself in college, and he has the right mentality to do so. I was able to catch up with Harrison on his recruiting process, commitment, talent level, and even former Florida State standout and Minnesota Viking Xavier Rhodes. Meet Ronnie Harrison Jr.:

RK: What’s up man? This is Jack with Recruit Kentucky. How are you doing?

RH: I’m doing well.

RK: How’s your recruitment looking so far?

RH: So far it’s pretty good….I’m committed to UNC, and I have offers from USF, Wake Forest, NIU, Samford, ECU, and UMass.

RK: Is your commitment 100%, or is it just a soft verbal?

RH: Its 100%, but I know schools are still going to offer me and talk to me.

RK: Any chance you decommit in the future? Any schools you just couldn’t resist if they offered?

RH: Right now North Carolina is where I want to be. But in the future, I don’t know, it depends who.

RK: I got you man. What are your goals this year for your season?

RH: To get my team back to a winning season, and to make the playoffs.

RK: What about statistics wise?

RH: I’m trying pass for over 1,000 yards, Rush for over 700 Yards, grab 4 Interceptions, 40 Tackles, and 20 Touchdowns. 

RK: Do you consider yourself as more of a CB or a QB?

RH: Right now, I don’t know. I believe I play both very well.

RK: What did UNC recruit you as?

RH: UNC recruited me as a Cornerback.

RK: That’s what you’re listed as on all the recruiting sites. Would you rather play CB or QB in college?

RH: It doesn’t really matter to me, whichever the coach thinks I need to play for the team to win!

RK: That’s a good mentality to have! What was the main factor in attending UNC?

RH: The coaches! They made me feel right at home and comfortable when I went on my visit. We talk about 2 or 3 times a week.

RK: That’s good man. Any recruits you’re comfortable with at UNC or other schools?

RH: No sir, not really.

RK: If you were to open back up your recruitment, who would you be interested in?

RH: Probably Georgia, Clemson, and Louisville.

RK: Are you interested in Kentucky?

RH: Yeah kinda, I just want to see what they do this season after the season they had last year.

RK: What about UNC’s year? Does that effect your decision to stay with them?

RH: Yeah it does, but I know they are going to be good this year!

RK: Haha except for South Carolina!

RH: Yeah that was a tough one, but I think they can play with them! Just little mistakes that turned into big plays

RK: How do you feel about all of the academic scandals and everything going on at UNC?

RH: No, that was the old staff. Coach Fedora and his staff have cleaned everything up and he is changing the program around.

RK: Glad to hear. I hated hearing about them in the news. Glad it’s cleaned up. Other than UNC, who is the best coaching staff you’ve talked to?

RH: Vandy, Kentucky, and Indiana.

RK: Who do you talk to on the Kentucky staff?

RH: Coach Peveto and Coach Ansley.

RK: What do they say to you?

RH: They just say that they wanna build a relationship with me and that I’m the guy they need in their secondary with my height and athletic ability. They think I can be the next Xavier Rhodes.

RK: Xavier Rhodes is a big statement man. That’s gotta mean something to you.

RH: Yeah it did, for sure.

RK: What other comparisons do you get?

RH: Antonio Cromartie and Johnthan Banks are just a few.

RK: Who do you think you play like? Who do you model your game after?

RH: I model myself after Xavier Rhodes.

RK: Good man. Thanks again for the interview. I appreciate it.

RH: No problem. Thanks.

Ronnie Harrison Jr. is surely looking to rack up some big numbers this season for his high school, and hopes to do the same at the college level. Follow Ronnie’s recruitment, along with other top prospects in the country, only here at Varsity Preps!



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