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2015 CB Tarrin Weston DMV’S Next Great CB

Tarrin Weston

Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

2015  CB  5-10  180 4.5/40

Goes to Banneker (student)  but plays for H.D. Woodson (athlete)

Academic All-Star


You played with 4 Star DB D’Andre Payne. Payne has since transferred.  What did you learn from him?

Playing behind Dee gave me a chance to see how Dee prepared for games. Dee prepared himself mentally and physically for every game. Dee’s confidence made the team feel confident. I learned from that how to be a leader. I was fortunate enough to also train with Dee at Prime Xample’s Elite DB Training. That’s where we met being trained by Roman Morris and Troy Vincent Sr. I liked the way he trained as if it were game time. I train that way myself.

 Describe your skill set.

As far as my skill set, I believe that I am a combination of a very man and zone cover corner but I am not afraid to come up in the box and tackle. I like to be physical. I have been told that I have range. I can play my man in the box, 15 yards out and deep. I am still growing so I know there’s a lot more to learn.  My Dad says you can never learn everything or too much. So I am always ready to be taught and coached.

What are your biggest factors in choosing a college?

There are several factors that are important to me in choosing a school at the next level. The first factor is Academics. My Dad makes sure to remind every day that I am “Student Athlete.”  I take my studies at school VERY seriously. Football is my DREAM, but I also realize that not everyone makes it to the NFL. That’s why a long time ago my Dad sat me down and we created a plan B, plan C and plan D. Another factor in my choosing a school is the coaching and the kind of relationships the staffs have with the players. I have a cousin, Donnell Ceasar, who played All-Met football in the DCIAA but yet, when he went to college, he was treated like a sheet of paper, not like he was a part of family. I don’t need a coach to hold my hand as we walk down steps, but I want to feel like family. My Dad has always taught me that my coaches are my fathers on the field and I respect them the same. That’s what I think players are looking for when they say they want to feel that “homely” feeling. I hear a lot of players talking about schools not fitting the schemes they played in at this level, but I believe that it’s a blank canvas at the college level, and I am ready to learn whatever scheme my coach needs me to play; defensive line, linebacker, or safety. It doesn’t matter. I want to help my team be successful in any way that I can.

Who would you say  your  style of play is similar to in college or the NFL?

My style of play is a combination of Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis. I know everyone says they are Revis, but I actually watch and love his technique. Playing corner is more than about being fast. Your technique is what makes a GREAT corner. Richard Sherman, because of how physical he is with receivers. He’s a tall corner, so he is able to match up well with all sizes of receivers. That’s how I feel I am. I am not afraid to match up against any receiver. The worst that can happen is he’ll catch it and I’ll learn from whatever mistake I made that allowed that catch and won’t make it again.

Away from the gridiron, what is your release?

There are several ways that I relax away from the field. I love to workout with my Dad, my mentor, Ik’e Ihejeto, and my best friend Richard Mitchell who plays with me. I believe school and the hard work that comes with it makes my life so that it isn’t all football. My friends used to tease me because they felt as if all I did was train and play football but they soon understood that I would never reach my goal of becoming the best corner in the country if I didn’t work hard. I also like to go to the movies. Its hard to move too far away from football. I LOVE everything about the game.

For those WR’s who want to go up against you, where will you be competing (camp/events) ?

My camp schedule this spring is kind of wide open. I will be in Glenn Allen for the Rivals Under Armour Camp.    I am excited about that specific camp. It will be good to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while and also to test myself and see where I am as compared to other elite players. I am honored for the invite and opportunity. I plan on participating in one of the VTO events but I have yet to hear from my coaches the where, when and what. So I just keep preparing myself. If there are other camps that wish to extend me an invite I’ll take it. I love the work and its all about getting better.

What are your personal and team goals for the upcoming season?

This upcoming season my goals are first about my team. We lost a great player in D’Andre Payne. I’ve got to step into his shoes and fill them and more. My goals are first to rally the team and set the tone for my teammates. If that means by the example of my play on the field I’m doing it. If that mean doing extra reps to make sure we are ready to go I’m doing it. If that means helping my teammates out and showing the proper technique or scheme I am doing it. I want to be able to be used by my coaches in any way that will help my team win. Personally whatever success my team has I will be happy but trust me when I tell you I am going to show out. I am going to make sure that I am a positive factor for my team in every game, every play. I am also going to make sure I help the younger players out like Dee helped me.


[youtube id=”if5RxpDkUOk” width=”620″ height=”360″]



Give me your top 5 teams you like as of today?

My top five teams on the college level are Oregon but now since coach Kelly is gone I don’t know. I also like Florida State. Not because my Dad likes them but because I love their corners. I trained with Darby at Prime Xample so I know what he’s like and how hard he works. Tyler Hunter and Xavier Rhodes are balers. I also like THE Ohio State University. I like what coach Myers is doing up there. I also like Penn State. I have a few friends up their but none more so that Jordan Smith. Jordan helped and even took the time to work with me one on one when I was just starting out. I also like the fact that even though they were punished severely the players played and the coaches coached and didn’t just give up. Another team that I like is right here in my backyard, the University of Maryland. I like how coach Edsall is building slow but is getting quality players from the DMV and not bypassing the talent here. Stephon Diggs came on last year and he should be breaking out this year. I am not limited in the teams I would like to play for I AM INTERESTED IN ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN ME.

What unofficial visits do you plan on taking this year?

My Dad and I have not planned any unofficial visits but I do plan on attending a lot of camps this year. My dad is getting married at the end of summer and I take my duties as being the Best Man for Pops seriously. I will be on a college tour this year that will take me to Ohio State, the University of Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Clemson, I believe South Carolina and a few others schools. I would love to get out on the west coast too.

The Washington D.C. Maryland area  is a hotbed for good corner talent recently. Players such as 2012 Ronald Darby FSU, 2012 Cyrus Jones Bama, 2013 Kendall Fuller VT, 2014 Troy Vincent Jr. Gilman, 2014 D’Andre Payne Friendship Collegiate Academy ,and 2014 Jalen Tabor Friendship Collegiate Academy, to name a few. Is it pressure on you to uphold the trend? Those names you read off are like a who’s who of Elite players and players I have trained with or played with or against. I respect them all. That’s why I work so hard. Everyone likes to say “he’s 15, he has plenty of time.”  BUT I know that in order to give those players and the many more you didn’t name their proper respect I’ve got to bring it. I work VERY hard and that won’t ever end because the moment you stop is the moment Greatness is gone. Remember what I told you before.. Carpe Diem… It’s my time to Seize the Day. Thanks for the interview.



THE VERDICT :-          Impeccable footwork for his age-          Need more in game film for deeper evaluation-          Strong for size-          Knowledge of and use of advanced technique B+-          In college will be a boundary corner with on and off ball skills-          Tarrin Weston will be one of the DMV’S next great corners



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