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2015 RB, Linder Divos is Punishing Opponents

[tps_header]Three yards and a cloud of dust. How about 6 yards and a cloud of dust? That’s what Rock Island HS (Rock Island, IL) RB, Linder Divos averages each time he carries the ball.  Although Divos stands 5’8, 200, he is the definition of “ground and pound”. He rushed 128 times for 775 yards and scored 13 TD’s.  His measurements may look small on a roster, but his performance on the field speaks of physicality and explosiveness that can’t be measured in numerical value.[/tps_header]

If you are looking for a grinder that can pound a defense, then check out Linder’s Highlights on by clicking this link


Head Coach Bryan Stortz on Linder Divos:

“He’s strong for his size and he plays with a lot of emotion. He’s a physical kid. Even though he’s smaller, that doesn’t mean he’s not physical. You look at him and he’s actually put together very well. He’s more like a little spark-plug type of guy.”

“He’s a very emotional and spirited player, so that’s probably one of the biggest things he brings to the table is he plays with a great deal of passion and energy and other kids kind of feed off that. He has a great work ethic and I think that just shows up on the field.”

Divos doesn’t just provide a spark with his play. He’s a wrecking ball of energy that leaves bruises on opposing players. He runs with passion, has quick feet, and deceptive speed. He runs a 4.7/40, but his first few steps are so quick that he builds up a head of steam and he’s 5 to 6 yards down field before anyone puts a hand on him. He’s a true north-south runner that doesn’t listen to people tell him he’s too small.

“I’ve been told I was too small a lot. I never got anything handed to me so I’ve always had to work harder because of my size. I’m not as big as other people, but I’ve got heart and I’ll never stop”, said Divos.

LinderDivos2Divos is a strong kid that benches 295 and squats 575.

Divos is a great student with a 3.3 GPA and is taking the ACT in February, 2014. He plans on majoring in Social Work in college.

He has been contacted with major interest by TCU, Iowa, Illinois State and Idaho State.

He plans to camp at NUC, the Midwest Boom Showcase, and Core 6 Showcase. Last year, Divos camped at NUC and finished 2nd strongest at his position.




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