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2014 WR Nacarius Fant Update

I recently spoke to Nacarius Fant, a 2014 WR out of Kentucky, who is known as one of the top players in the state. Despite shutting down the interview process until he attends camp this summer, he gave me some insight on what is going on inside his recruitment at the moment.

Recently, Rivals gave Fant a 2 Star Rating, despite being the #3 player in the state of Kentucky. While most recruits would take this as an insult, Nacarius tells me he only uses it as motivation for next year. He says “Can’t worry about the rankings man. I’ll take care of what I can take care of, and I’ll be alright.”

Fant says that he will be attending Kentucky’s Football Camp on June 8th, and Ohio State’s on June 21st. He says he has interest in most of the local schools, including Kentucky, Louisville, and Western Kentucky, but also schools like Illinois, Vandy, Purdue, and Ohio State. He currently has 2 offers from Illinois and Western Kentucky, and will likely be snagging more throughout the summer and his Senior Year. He says he doesn’t really have any favorites, and has equal interest in all of the schools on the list.

Nacarius tells me that  he will likely make his college decision a couple of weeks into his Senior Season. He says he is just waiting for all of the offers to come through before making any list changes, cut downs, etc., allowing for more schools to show interest and give a fair advantage to everyone on his “list”.

As more information comes in on Nacarius, I will make sure you guys are the first to know. Hopefully he will prove everyone wrong once competition comes back around, as he is definitely a talented individual. Until then, stay tuned for other big time recruiting updates in the near future, as the recruiting season is about to hit high gear.



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