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2014 Safety Jared Tucker Commits To Kentucky

2014 DB Jared Tucker out of Stephenson High School in Safety Stone Mountain, Georgia has officially committed to the University of Kentucky. The 5’11′, 175 lbs DB is listed as a High 3 Star/Low 4 Star, but is considered one of the “gems” of the 2014 Recruiting Class. Most major universities have caught wind of this prospect, despite being underrated. Schools such as Florida, Ohio State, South Carolina, Louisville, Tennessee, Kentucky, Miami (Fl), Ole Miss, etc. have all extended scholarship offers. With an offer list of a 5 Star prospect, this kid is obviously good…really good. Interest has been getting brought in from most major schools in America, and with this, I would expect a huge shoot up in the rankings in the near future for Tucker. That being said, Tucker took a visit to the University of Kentucky today, which makes it the second on campus for the Safety out of Georgia. The interest was enough for Jared to pledge his commitment to the Wildcats, making it the 9th overall commitment for the Kentucky, which pushes UK up to #10 in the Recruiting Ranks for the first time in history. I caught up with Jared right after his commitment to UK to get some details on why he chose UK, his plans on bringing in other elite talent to the Wildcats, and what he and the staff are planning for his on-field success. Here is the interview:

RK: You’ve committed to Kentucky?

JT: Yes, I have.

RK: Congratulations. What made UK the best fit for you?

JT: I loved the coaching staff’s energy towards me, and I was extremely impressed with the visit. The decision really wasn’t that hard to make for me. I have a great relationship with the staff and I was ready to jump on board.

RK: How did the staff feel you could contribute at Kentucky?

JT: They really specified on how they loved my length and speed and felt that really fit the defense they are putting in at Kentucky.

RK: Did they think you could come in and make an impact right away?

JT: They did. I’ll be coming in and competing right off the bat.

RK: Are you planning on recruiting other players and friends of yours to Kentucky? If so, who?

JT: Yeah, one in particular is a close friend of mine. His name is Tyler Jones, an Offensive Lineman, who is a great player with great size. I think he would definitely be a good addition to the team.

RK: You think he’ll commit in the near future?

JT: I hope so, but it is really on him. I am going to tell him everything about UK and if he feels it is a good fit for him, we definitely want him on board.

RK: Have you talked to the other commits about it yet? How excited are they to have you on board?

JT: Yeah, I talked with Drew Barker and he seems extremely excited about it. He’s pretty happy about it.

RK: Yeah, I’ve talked to several commits and they’re hoping they can make it a “No Fly Zone” with you committed, along with Darius West and Mike Edwards possibly coming too. You think that’d be something you’d love to be a part of?

JT: Yes, if those guys jump on board I’ll be really excited and ready to make it all happen.

RK: How do you feel you separate yourself from the other players in the Class of 2014? Most recruiting scouts have you listed as a high 3 Star, extremely close to the 4 Star mark. What makes you better than the rest?

JT: I feel I’m very coachable. I’ll listen and learn quickly. I can play multiple positions and be a big factor at all of them.

RK: Good man. Finally, what would you like to say to the BBN? Something to get them hyped for you coming?


RK: Thanks for the interview, man. I’ll keep in touch in the future for senior year, camps, and other big events. Congrats again.

JT: Alright thanks!

Jared is not only a great player, but a great kid. The Big Blue Nation should be very excited for him next year! As always, head to Varsity Preps for the latest news on everything Football. More updates ahead!



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