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2014 LB Aaron Glover “Road to Respect”

At 6’0 and 210 pounds,  Aaron Glover ( Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach, VA)  may not have the size that some college programs look for in a linebacker , but he has many other intangibles that make him a quality recruit.  Glover is an extremely athletic linebacker, who has been tearing up the camp scene for the past few years. After a dominating performance at the  U.S. Army Junior Combine…..the road to respect might not be that long.

Q. You work out with the 757 Sports Academy every Sunday in the offs season. In 1 on 1’s you go up against the likes of 5 Star RB Taquan “Smoke Mizzell”. How did that help your game?

A: Smoke is amazing! He’s extremely fast and shifty! I think to myself if I can check him at least a third of the time, then I can check any running back in the country. If it was not for 1 on 1’s  workouts with him, I would not be where I am in my skill set.


[youtube id=”2aGc9glSn50″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Q. What do you have to say about yourself and your game to college recruiters?

A: Most programs look for student/athletes only, I am more. Not only am I an awesome LB, but I have the character to match my talent. My dad always tells me that “Your talent will take you where only your character can keep you.That simply means that your talent will take you far, but if you don’t have the character to match, you won’t be staying long. My game is bananas!! I am beast on the field. I’m smart, disciplined, aggressive and fast. One day I’m going to jump over the O/D line and sack the QB.

Q.  Describe your skill set to the nation and what positions you’re being recruited for?

A: Well, my  dad and I watch a lot of film. So even before the play starts;I’m looking at down and distance, personnel, formation and where we are on the field. So right from the start, I have the advantage. I’m a great coverage LB, in fact, on of the best in the nation. I can also fill a hole; but what I love to do most is, blitz the QB. Once my coach gives me the go head, I transform into a unstoppable savage. Only a few programs are recruiting me for LB; ECU, Uconn, Illinois  and Hampton. Other programs like VT, WVU, Temple, Pitt, NC State etc….. Like me as a SS/whip type. I can play either. Temple is recruiting me as a LB, SS and Slot WR. I’m down for whatever!!

Give Varsity Preps 5 dark horse schools you can see yourself playing for in college?

A: Oregon, Illinois, Cincinnati, Wisconsin and Nebraska

Q. Virginia Cavaliers being the home school, which schools are showing you more love than them?

A: Virginia Tech!!! I get a lot of hand written mail from Tech. I’m really starting to fall in love with all the love that they are showing me. Me and my dad are going to Tech on April 6. Choosing a program is built on relationships. The coaches at Tech have reached out to me in a big way. No other local program has done that. I have been to UVA several times, but I think I don’t fit their program or else they would have reached out as well. Especially considering that  all of my friends are going there.

Q. What are the 3 main factors in determining which college you choose?

A. Coaching staff is important. I want to know if I can trust the staff. Facilities and program is important as well. Everyone wants the shinny stuff. Lastly, Cultural diversity; I want to feel welcome in a place that I will be living for the next 4 years.


Q. The streets are talking of a possible move. How real is the talk of your family moving to Washington D.C. to play for Friendship Collegiate Academy?


Answer: Yes!! The streets are right!! My dad has been looking for places to moveto in DC. In fact, we are supposed to go to visit the school in April. My dad likes the program and he said that it would be a nice challenge for my skill set: playing on a national level that is.

Q. For those running backs that say they are up to the challenge of going 1on1’s  against you, what events or camps will you be attending this off season?

A. I will be at the NUC 5-Star on April 7th, Rivals Challenge on April 13th and the NFTC on April 21st. Come out and watch me work; without question I am one of the best!  Trust me, I’m part of that 2014 movement!

Q. You have not put out a top 5 list yet. Who as of today would be your top 5?


A. Clemson, Virginia Tech, Hampton University, Temple and Maryland. I would say UVA but they are not recruiting me.


The Verdict:

High character, toughness

Tracks ball well in flight

Takes coaching well

All state ability

Good initial Quickness off the ball

No stage is too big for Aaron Glover as he speeds down the road to respect





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