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2014 CB Ready To Dominate Senior Year Despite Setbacks

After missing out on his entire junior season, Sulaiman Hameed is ready and feeling stronger than ever to crush his senior year.

Hameed tore his ACL during a summer inter-team practice in 2012. Sitting out wasn’t all bad as he said it showed him the different aspects of the game.

“I’ve been away from the game so long but I’ve learned so much from my teammates, my coaches. I’ve just learned so much about the game,” he said.

The 5’11, 185 lb. corner back from Alemeda High School (Calif.) has an offer on the table from Arizona State despite the hardships.

“I definitely show love to Arizona State because they just believed in me when no one else did,” said Hameed. “They said ‘we know the type of person you are and you’ve got the objective which is going to prepare you to bounce back.’ Just for them believing in me, they’re going to be one of my favorites,

“I just feel really blessed that they gave me an opportunity. It’s just more motivation to make me work hard.”

Along with Arizona State, he is seeing interest from all PAC 12, Northwestern, Alabama, Michigan , Norte Dame, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Tennessee , Nebraska and Mizzou. All these schools said they are very interested to see him on the field and see how he has progressed since the injury.

Depending on his recovery, Hameed plans to travel to UCLA, Cal Berkeley and Oregon for camps this summer. His doctors are giving him the thumbs up but telling him to proceed with caution. Training has brought his 40-yard dash time to a solid 4.58.

“They just want to see precaution. If I do go, I would plan to go to those,” he said.

Hameed looks at all different aspects when choosing a school now. He said he looks at the coaches and the environment and how they help players grow as students.

“It’s how they treat players and how they are able to help their players grow as overall young men,” he said. “Being competitive and winning games is important too,

“I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt and I’m just ready.”



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