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12 Pressing Questions for 2014 OLB Sharieff Rhaheed, Huddle Up!

Name: Shareiff Rhaheed

HT/WT: 6’3 207

School: Fort Pierce Central High School, FL

Position/Class: OLB 2014


Coach Warren: How did you feel when you first committed to LSU and they didn’t accept your commitment immediately?
SR: I was kind of disappointed but when I visited  the school they accepted my commitment

Coach Warren: Why did you release a top 5 after you committed to LSU?
SR: I’m still exploring my option and my mom doesn’t want me to make a mistake. She still wants me to visit my 5 top schools.

Coach Warren: Did anyone on the LSU contact you about the top 5?
SR: No Sir

Coach Warren: It is being rumored that LSU told you to explore your options with recruiting, is that true?
SR: They never directed me to do that but when asked about it they said I can if I wanted to.

Coach Warren: Your 247sports crystal ball is trending towards Louisville while you’re
committed to LSU, why is that?
SR: People think me and my teammate Rashawn Shaw are going to the same school.

Coach Warren: Pick a college coach between Charlie Strong or Les Miles?
SR: Charlie Strong.

Coach Warren: It is rumored that you and your  recently committed teammate Rashawn Shaw wants to play together in college, True?
SR: We’ve talked about it but it isn’t finalized. Rashawn Shaw tried to commit to LSU a couple days after I did but LSU didn’t accept it.

Coach Warren: How often are you in contact with a member of LSU’s coaching staff?
SR: Once to three times a week.

Coach Warren: Are you 100% committed to LSU or are you still weighing your recruitment options?
SR: My mom wants me to still weigh my recruitment option.

Coach Warren: When will your final decision on a school choice be made?
SR: I don’t know yet.

Coach Warren: Are there any other schools that have caught your attention besides LSU and Louisville?
SR: Alabama, Georgia and Arkansas.

Coach Warren: Finish this statement; For my first ever college football game I will be running out of the tunnel for the University of ________________.
SR: I have No Clue


Coach Demetric D. Warren
[email protected]



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